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Super Marimo Depth

4.6 ( 1936 ratings )
Giochi Azione Arcade
Sviluppatore Takemi Matsumoto

"Super Marimo Depth" is a deep sea adventure game where players help raise marimo as it sinks into the sea - showering it with affection to help it grow and avoiding obstacles as it delves deeper and deeper.

When game-play starts, marimo plops into the sea and starts sinking.
Let it go and it will go into a free fall, so players have to help marimo avoid debris - bump into anything and its game over.

As you go along, take in the mozuku (a kind of seaweed) that floats about under the sea to help marimo grow.
Marimos main source of nutrition is mozuku, so have the marimo eat a lot of it.

Along the way, things resembling brown marimo will appear - these are hairballs.
You can knock these down by bumping into them.
Breaking open a hairball will unleash a load of mozuku. Take these in to help grow marimo.

In this way, you compete over the following:
・How big can you grow the marimo?
・How deep into the sea can you make marimo go?

You can choose from the following two control styles, according to your preference:
・Using the touch and slide functions of the screen
・Angling the device back and forth.